Did you know that the current Medicare laws have changed?
Your current provider may not be able to supply
you with your medical supplies.

What is the national mail-order program for diabetic testing supplies?

A new national mail-order program for diabetic testing supplies is scheduled to start in July 2013. This program is designed to ensure that you continue to get quality supplies while you save money. When it starts, you'll need to use a Medicare national mail-order contract supplier for Medicare to pay for your diabetic testing supplies that are delivered to your home. If you don't want your diabetic testing supplies delivered to your home, you can go to a local store and buy them there, but you'll probably pay more out-of-pocket costs. If you take advantage of the national mail-order program, diabetic supplies will be mailed or delivered to your home and Medicare will save money and your copayment will be lower.

How does the program affect me if I use mail-order diabetic supplies?

Starting in July 2013, Medicare will implement a national mail-order program for diabetic supplies that will affect everyone with Original Medicare in the United States and its territories.

Can I still get my diabetic supplies from my local pharmacy?

Yes, you can. The national mail-order program for diabetic supplies does not include pharmacies or other retail stores. However, if you go to your local store to get your supplies, you will probably pay more for these supplies than you would if you bought them from a mail-order Medicare contract supplier. Both you and the Medicare Program can save money each time you use a mail-order contract supplier.

Where can a get a list of Medicare contract suppliers?

Simply enter your zip code into the Medicare Supplier Directory search tool on the Medicare website at www.medicare.gov/supplier. The directory provides names, addresses, and contact information for suppliers that provide services or products under the Medicare program. You can also get this information by calling Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).




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